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How we manufacture thermoplastic injection molded part for your project

1. Part Design  >>

We design the plastic part or assembly in SolidWorks with regards to the manufacturability of injection moulding.

2. 3D printing >>

We produce a 3D printed model using FDM, SLA or Multijet Fusion method or by casting in silicon moulds 3D printing is not necesary step prior mould manufacturing.

3. Mould design >>

Based on our 25-years experience with injection moulding technology, we will design an injection mould.

4. Mould making >>

We produce the mould on our CNC machine tools or by electroerosion/wirecutting technology.

5. Prototyping >>

We produce the prototype from the required material on our injection moulding machines and send samples for approval.

6. Serial production

After approval of the samples, we will carry out serial production, including the provision of materials.

I) Injetion moulded parts out of thermoplastics

  • We produce injection moulded parts from 0,01g to 120g, in cooperation up to 900g, maximal processing temperature up to 400°C
  • We work with all commonly available thermoplastics and thermoplastic composites - bulk (PP,PE,PS,ABS,), structural (PA, POM, +GF, +LGF, +CF, slip resistant), transparent (MABS, PC, PMMA), elastomers (TPE, SEBS, TPU), flame retardant, high-temperature high-tech materials (PPA, PPS)
  • We also inject low volume series, including piece series. Our normal production series = 1.000 pieces to 10.000 pieces per order
  • We deliver low volume 2K plastic parts - over-mouldings and insert-mouldings of metal or plastic parts
  • We mark plastic parts using engraving fiber laser or using pad printing
  • Made in Czech Republic

II) Injection moulds

  • We specialize on precise CNC machined moulds made of aluminiun duralu or hardeded or non-hardened steel
  • CNC machined moulds are 3 times to 10 times cheaper compared with hardened steel moulds
  • In price we guarantee up to 50.000 shots or even more depending on complexity. We ordinarily achieve service life up to hunderds of thousands of shots
  • Low price of mould + high service life + high quality of moldings = quick payback of investment without compromise in quality
  • We devolepe and produce casting moulds for HOTMELT
  • Made in Czech Republic

Injection molded parts from thermoplastics - selection of our products

Who we are

  • family company with low overhead costs and low communication noise
  • 50 injection moulds manufactured annually, hundreds thousands of parts and processed tones of granulates
  • 100% Czech company - all made in Czech Republic, on European machines and without subsidies

All under one roof

  • Design of injection moulded parts
  • Design of injection moulds
  • Basic prototypes made by 3D printing or CNC machining
  • Serial production of injected parts
  • Additional services - marking of parts

Why should you manufacture with us

  • Based on our 25-year experience we can approprietaly choose production technology - for super low series 3D printing (tenths of pieces), for low, medium and high series injection moulding of thermoplastics.
  • smooth transition from prototyping and low-volume production series by 3D printing to mass production by injection moulding (in case the product is successful and there is a need to increase production)
  • 25-years experience in injection moulding technology - hundreds of moulds and mouldings produced, millions of parts delivered
  • we guarantee the final product = moulded part and delivery in the required quantity. The customer does not manage the communication between the designer, the tool room and the press shop.
  • fast realization from demand to serial production - normally within 6 weeks, with EXPRESS service within a week.
  • low prices of moulds - three to ten times cheaper than hardened steel moulds with the same quality of mouldings
  • we normally guarantee 50 thousand strokes per mould, then we refurbish the moulds and extend its lifetime
  • our moulds are customisable - ideal for development projects or low product life cycle
  • we produce moulds with fast return on investment. At first sight, our moulds are cheap, but the opposite is true. Mouldings from CNC machined aluminium moulds forem produce same or even higher quality compared to those of hardened steel.
  • industry branches: aerospace, machines, sports, hobby hunting weapons(airguns, airsoft), buildings, household, medicine, electrotechnics, electronics, protective equipment, IoT
  • the ideal option for start-up projects thanks to low investment and our experience
  • we are the gateway to the INFINITE WORLD OF THERMOPLASTICS

>> Contact for inquiry

Ing. Ondřej Suchomel
Managing director

+420 777 688 199

Half Mask X1 Advanced M - new half mask for fight with coronavirus

Due to the lack of protection instruments in fight with coronavirus COVID-19 we developed and created manufacturing capacity of half mask with removable filters. All done during six weeks in small Czech family company Suchomel realizing projects in thermoplastics and machinery.

Half Maska Advantages


State of the Project




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